Next Tucson Adult Autism Meeting

Hello everyone, Our next support group meeting will be on 3 October 2019 at the Himmel Park Library 6:30 pm. The followin...

Autism Awareness 365 Project ideas

Autism Awareness 365

  1. Decide to engage in Autism Awareness 365
  2. Start going down this list
  3. Everyday wear an autism bracelet
  4. Attach an autism awareness bumper sticker or license place border to your car
  5. Pick an autism charity to donate to once a month
  6. One day a month engage your neighborhood with a monthly Autism Awareness Day.
  7. Volunteer for an autism organization twice a month
  8. There are also various international and national days that could be given an autism theme. The United Nations International Day of Education on January 24 could be a Day for Education of Autistics. Such a day would focus on making sure people with autism have the same access to education that everyone else accesses. Some other holidays are listed below
  9. Social Justice Day for Autistics Day
  10. Zero Discrimination Day with a focus on autistics (3/1)
  11. Woman’s Day with a focus on autistic women (3/8) 
  12. International Day of Happiness with a focus on autistics (3/20)
  13. Autism Awareness Day (4/2)
  14. International Day of Living Together in Peace with a focus on autistics (5/16).
  15. Global Day of Parents with a focus on parents who are autistic (6/1).
  16. World Youth Skills Day with a focus on autistic youth (7/15).
  17. International Youth Day with a focus on autistic youth (8/12).
  18. International Day of Older Persons with a focus on autistic seniors 10/1.
  19. World Mental Health Day with a focus on autistics 10/10.
  20. International Day of the Girl with a focus on autistic girls 10/11.
  21. Word Day for Tolerance with a focus on tolerance for autistic populations 11/16.
  22. World Children's Day with a focus on autistic children 11/20.
  23. International Day of Persons with Disabilities with a focus on autistics (12/3).
  24. Human Rights Day focusing on autistics 12/10.
  25. International Human Solidarity Day with a focus on autistic and autism issues
  26. Advanced advocates could use business cards, brochures, banners, and flyers.
  27. Other activities advanced advocate could engage in are write articles, write letters to the editor, sponsor a contest, write a book, or create a salon
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