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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Good Doctor (2017) Review

    Freddie Highmore is an autism advocate, whether he realizes it or not. I am writing about his role as Shaun Murphy in the show The Good Doctor. The Good Doctor, based on an earlier 2013 show portrays Highmore as an autistic savant working as a resident at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose, California.

    Dr. Murphy’s abilities and the struggle with cultural biases are seen from the first episode. Shun soon meets with cultural bias from the department head by Dr. Niel Melendez, played by Nicholas Gonzalez, who does not think that an autistic person cannot be a suitable surgical resident.

    Dr. Murphy came from a broken home and was raised by Dr. Aaron Glassmen portrayed by Richard Schiff who is President of the hospital where Dr. Murphy is a resident. Having a close relationship with his brother who died, Shaun has one item that he keeps with him: A toy knife

    The attitude towards Dr. Murphy begins to change when he saves a young boy's life at the airport and it gets downloaded to YouTube. Dr. Murphy Finally get to help with surgery. Dr. Murphy puts Dr. Melendez in his place with, “You are very arrogant. Do you think this helps you be a good surgeon?”

    The Good Doctor is a hit. It helps bring an awareness of autism and the social issue that can arise in the autism community. I give the Good Doctor a B+