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Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Boy Called Po Retroactive Review

 A Boy called Po is about a widower who raises his autistic son and their challenges. While the school system wants Po in special education, his father fights to keep Po in mainstream education.

Act I

Act one grabs your attention introduces all the character elements, including Po's dad, who fights to keep his son in mainstream education and not be scapegoated for being bullied.

Act II

Po's condition degrades until he is placed in a live-in facility. The energy between all the characters is superb. The relationship between Christopher Graham and Julian Feder is excellent. Graham's character meets one of Po's therapists and falls for her, played by Katlin Doubleday, who encourages Po's dad to not let Po drift away for good.


The Conflict is resolved when Po is let back into school and expelled from the school bullying. He goes to see his mom

I give A Boy Called Po a A-

Saturday, February 2, 2019

(Retroactive) Review of Change of Habit 1969

 Change of Heart is about three former nuns who work in a medical clinic in the ghetto run by Dr. Carpenter (Elvis Presley). One of the former nuns works with a young autistic girl who hangs out with them. The Movie moves along nicely. Although not one of Presley's musicals, it is a good movie, yet there are some slow points. I give Change of Heart a C+