We need more than Autism Awareness--We Need inclusion

     April 2 is Autism Awareness Day and has been so since 2007 when the United Nations general assembly passed a resolution confirming Apri...

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Table of Contents

  • Welcome to the Autism Community Guide.
  • Welcome to the Autism Community Video.
  • What Some Autistic People Want the Public to Know About Autism.
  • Diagnostic Description
  • Three Levels of Autism

Welcome to the autism community guide. Please click here 

What Autistic People Want the Public to know about Autism

The following list is from an actual survey conducted with an autism support community

  • We are people too
  • We want to be accepted, have people listen to us, have friends, be successful, and be given chances just like anyone else
  • Some of us cannot read verbal and social cues
  • Some of us appear shy
  • We tend to interpret things literally
  • Please understand us
  • There are older autistic people too
  • Flat non-verbal communication sometimes misinterpreted
  • We are born this way please stop trying to fix us
  • We frame things differently sometimes
  • Some want more original autistic characters in comic books
  • Media stereotypes us
  • Not necessarily good at math

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