We need more than Autism Awareness--We Need inclusion

     April 2 is Autism Awareness Day and has been so since 2007 when the United Nations general assembly passed a resolution confirming Apri...

For First Responders

The following links are a collection of first responder training from various autism programs and organizations. Young and older adults with autism are many times neglected in favor of early intervention services. It is hoped that these autism educational trainings help first responders understand autism.

*The trainings below are not authored by this site, but the product of other web sites, which is much appreciated. More trainings like the ones contained in these links are sorely needed.


Buchan, Andy (2020). Autism and the Police. London: Jessica                     Kensey Publishers, Ltd

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Why Law Enforcement Needs to Recognize Autism [Video]

        For requesting law enforcement agencies only.

        Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions

       3085 Hernwood Rd.

        Woodstock, MD 21161-1099


ASD Training for First Responders 

Autism - First Responder Access & Functional Needs Training Series

Autism First Responder Training Video

Autism Training for First Responders: The Fifth Question

Encountering People: With Autism

More Training for First Responders