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     April 2 is Autism Awareness Day and has been so since 2007 when the United Nations general assembly passed a resolution confirming Apri...

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Everyday is Autism Awareness Day

Selecting one or two days a year to promote autism awareness does not create such an atmosphere. Autism awareness is an everyday activity for God's sake.
I experience autism awareness every day because I am autistic. Please walk in my shoes as you read this article. Try to see what I see, hear what I hear, and feel the way I feel. Then forward what you read to two people. Autism Awareness is an everyday thing for me so, you can help by starting an autism awareness 365 campaign of activities to do every day to promote autism awareness

My Experience

 I experience autism awareness when driving. I prefer to ride motorcycles, but not because I prefer motorcycles rather than cars. I feel less anxious when riding a motorcycle than driving a car. I have anxiety when driving a car. Taking my driving test was horrific. I have visual acuity problems. I cannot judge distance in a car. I can on a motorcycle. Cars are a "ton" more difficult for me to navigate than motorcycles.
   There are other issues too. For example, I was riding my motorcycle on the freeway at night, and glare from a car light hit my eyes. I had an anxiety attack.
  Opening packages are difficult for me. Writing is difficult for me. I was terrible at woodshop class in middle school. I have a muscle coordination condition in the arms and legs called dysgraphia.
   I get words confused at the cognitive level. I would call a computer keyboard the "screen." I call the table “a chair”.
   People with autism experience autism awareness every day of the year. One day in April to promote autism awareness is not enough.
Continue by clicking here to see a list of ideas for an autism awareness 365 project. Then come back here to read the Call to Action.

Call to Action

   Autism Awareness is an everyday experience for me. I urge you to make it an everyday experience for you too. I urge you to start an autism awareness 365 campaign to promote autism awareness every day. I urge you to walk in my shoes for a while. Help people remember there are differences in this world. Walk in others' shoes and help people remember that autism is still here. Walk!
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